3 Advantages of LinageOS

Our top pick for technological freedom is LineageOS. “LineageOS is a free and open-source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform.” Get it here.  This is the pinnacle of Mobile OSes. Most Lineage installs get an update monthly with several pushing updates faster. Lineage’s security and features are unmatched. You’re root and Google services are optional. An excellent option to refurbish a second or older phone. Check the site for compatible models before you buy your next phone.

Installing LineageOS involves several steps, it will void your warranty and you can brick your phone.  That said, it is not difficult and if you familiarize yourself with the basic steps, here, you can definitely do it yourself.  This will also let you put today’s OS on last year’s phone or 2012’s Nexus 7. 

What? No App Store?

If a Google-less phone seems boring, then our second pick, F-Droid is for you.  F-Droid is a FOSS (Free and Open Source) software repository for all Android phones. It’s modern and you can find an app for just about everything and some things you’ll be surprised your phone can do.  The interface is modern and easy to navigate.  Even better, F-Droid advises you clearly of exactly what your security and privacy exposure for each app is.  Remember ‘non-free’ isn’t about price on F-droid, it’s about you missing out on digital liberties and privacy.  Many apps ask for voluntary donations on the try it then buy it/donate model. It is a voluntary App Agora.

These are the F-Droid Screens 'PlayStore style'
F.Driod Screens

AntennaPod your new podcatcher

The AntennaPod Logo

Our third pick, but most flexible is AntennaPod. It is a podcast manager and player. It’s perfect for listening to you favorite Technology and Liberty podcasts.  AntennaPod can search iTunes and crawl a webpage for a Podcast or news feed and add it to your subscriptions automatically. I’ve tried the ‘top’ podcatchers and services and they’ve left me flat.  AntenaPod is clean; It does its job without Ads, suggestions or personal data sharing.  Because there’s no log-in, account creation, or subscription, you are not oversharing about your listening habits.  I like that the connections are direct. You can donate to AntennaPod and your favorite content creators voluntarily, the podcast’s site links are on the player screen.  If you’re an independent content creator AntennaPod is worth a look as your go-to recommendation.

There are much more than three…

If you’ve ever heard that FreeSoftware isn’t feature rich or limits you compared to legacy operating oystems and walled garden app stores, an inspection of LineageOS or the Apps on F-Droid should dispel that fallacy.  FreeSoftware is freedom. Your time and attention are valuable, try some free (as in Libre) voluntarily donation based software today.

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